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Imperial Madnes - Gawd Save The Queens

Long Back um 23:30 Uhr

FREITAG 18. Jänner 2019
👑Gawd save the Queens - UK Edition 👑

International artists // Burlesque & Boylesque SUPERSTARS // Club sound category is Disco //1980's -90's & '00's //

Brexit, schmexit: We love UK big time, so we are not only serving you 1, not 2 but 3 of Britains finest Kweens: Anna Phylactic is a member of the Family Gorgeous and a shock in a frock! Cheddar Gorgeous, another member of the Family Gorgeous, is the alien beauty of Manchester pushing the boundaries of gender identity within the drag world. Donna Trump is an array of feathers, scales and fur not afraid to discuss the effects of the real world.

Heart Club
Mariahilfer Straße 3

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